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We have heard about ChatGPT in the past few days, and we know what AI is and how it affects your professional functions. it can be dangerous but I don’t see it because nothing will outweigh God’s creation because humans are the ones who invented artificial intelligence and this means that the human brain can never be imitated.

But this does not preclude that artificial intelligence is a tool that can make it easier for you to work if you use it correctly.



Chat GPT is an AI Tool that helps our work specially in some fields like programming, search engine optimization,

content writing, and more chatgpt like google you can ask him any question and it will respond to you in a few paragraphs

additionally, ChatGPT can help programmers write programming code, and if you do not know how to write a code HTML/CSS, it can help you quickly. Also if you a digital marketer chatgpt can help you to write posts on social media but I don’t prefer it because it is not human so it will not write friendly content for our target customers but it can help you to give ideas.

Also if you are a translator or content writer or research writer or email marketing and more it’s like google gives you a small answer to any question if you need to know ” how to lose weight ” you can ask it and he will give you tips and tricks but when if you search on google you will find a lot of articles that also help you.

chatgpt and google

ChatGPt when I ask it the same question


As we have seen the difference between google and chatgpt when we asked it the same question.

The fields that can be used chatgpt

however, There are some fields I tried with ChatGPT and it helped me:-

1)- Translating

When I need to know some phrases in another language chatgpt helps me

2)- Programming

It gives me a code HTML/CSS when I asked it

3)- marketing

It gives me ideas for articles and helped me with some paragraphs

4)- Accounting

It helped me to generate reports, financial statements, and other types of documents, data entry, and analysis

5)- Research writer

Also, you can ask it how can help you in your work

How can chatgpt helps us

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