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Thank you for your interest in creating SEO optimized content for us. we are delighted that you have selected our HF-news. Without a doubt, writing for us is a fantastic approach to strengthen your skills to create original and high-quality material. As a result, you will become an expert in the field of article writing. Please take some time on this page, which fully covers the submission standards, prerequisites, content type, and process. Guest blogging is the most widely used SEO tactic for obtaining high-quality backlinks. Guest writing is also useful for increasing referral traffic and increasing brand awareness. We need to identify a niche related guest blogging platform for free guest articles. We welcome guest blogs on topics such as health, technology, business, finance, and startups, among others.

Write for us – Free guest post

Information makers should be required to provide content that is complete, fascinating, engaging, and informative. You may improve your chances of being featured on our blog by following the guidelines shown below.

  • Make certain that the information you’re publishing is well-researched and pertinent to the topic for which you’re writing.
  • The ideal length for the submission is 600 to 1000 words.
  • We will not post anything that is plagiarised, therefore please submit only original quality content.
  • Avoid employing useless advertising links to websites and attempt to avoid rewriting our rivals’ material.
  • Use photos and examples that are related to the subject to demonstrate the arguments you made in the text.
  • Avoid employing stock photos that don’t bring value to your work.
  • Subheadings, brief paragraphs, and bullet points can be used to make your work more appealing and readable.


hfnewss@gmail.com with subtitle ” Write for us – free guest post ”


We will approve any article in this fields

1- Health – Fashion – Sports – Beauty

2- Trends – News – Economics – Human rights – Business

3- Sports – Marketing – Advertising

4- Learning – Food


We approve only English articles and If you want Arabic see our Arabic website Akhbarna

free guest post
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  1. As a small business owner providing roof repairs in The Wirral, would you accept an article on how we are using technology (iPads/drones) to help show customers damage as part of a quote, if the article had some tips other small businesses could follow to use new ways to improve their use of technology ? Could I also include a link to my website https://allaspectsroofingltd.co.uk Thanks, Derek

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